About Silvia

I am Silvia Siret, Counsellor and Facilitator in Systemic (Family) Constellation Work, born in Germany, resident in Oxfordshire since 2005, married to an English man. Together we have 5 grown-up children (a patchwork family), born between 1990 and 1997. I trained in Germany and England.

My therapeutic approach is person-centred and solution-focussed, which means, that most clients only need one or two systemic constellations or up to five one-to-one counselling sessions to feel a deep sense of positive, sustainable change.

I also offer Silent Zen Retreats and give guidance on Mindfulness/meditation; offer one-to-one counselling and systemic constellations; and hold group workshops.

In order to explain and demonstrate Systemic (Family) Constellations, I offer talks. Book me as a speaker! Contact

In order to keep myself supported and reflected (amongst other benefits I get from it), I am part of the wonderful CCI (Co-Counselling International) Community.

My work is based on the belief that there is a solution to every issue.

I am committed to help you create the family and relationships you wish you had.

Find me on linkholistic: Silvia Siret – Change Facilitator

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