What I offer

  1. One-on-one Clarity Coaching – £35 per 1-hour session
    Up-to-3-hour one-on-one Family Constellation – £75
    Booking via my contact page.
  2. Mindfulness Meditation Meetings – Every Thursday evening – £5.60 per 1.5 hour session. Also, a morning 8-week beginners course – Book here
  3. Silent Meditation Half-day Retreats – Next date: TBC – £12.50 – Book here
  4. Self development workshops with systemic constellations Next date: TBC

For further information on 1 to 4, please scroll down!

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1. Clarity Coaching

I offer clarity coaching at my private Practice in Abingdon.

If you find yourself stuck or would like to see what’s holding you back, you will find a skilled, kind, experienced and non-judgmental listener in me. I will be able to ask the right questions to get you to clarity. I will help and motivate you to become who you want to be.

Investment: £35/hr

Booking via my contact page.



Up-to-3-hour Systemic/Family Constellation, one-on-one

Constellation with wooden figurines

Constellation with wooden figurines

If you feel stuck with an issue and prefer one-on-one work or don’t want to wait until the next workshop, you can book a 2 hour session with me, which will take place at my private Practice in Abingdon. I will listen and facilitate a constellation either using wooden figurines or the floor space, so you can stand in different positions. Aftercare is included in the price.

Investment: £75/up to 3 hrs
Booking via my contact page.

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2. Mindfulness Meditation Sessions & Beginners Courses

South Abingdon, every Thursday, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Booking & Tickets here: Meetup.com

These are group meetings, during which you will have the opportunity to learn and experience mindfulness and meditation, but also become a member of a like-minded community in and around Abingdon. You get the opportunity to share what’s moving you and support in dealing with difficult life challenges. Through guided meditations and mindfulness exercises you will get a sense of peace and calm, as well as clarity and more balance.

Investment: £5.60 per session (ca. 1.5 – 2 hours)
Booking via this link: http://www.meetup.com/Abingdon-Meditation-and-Mindfulness-Meetup/

Also on offer: An evening 8-week beginners course, starting Monday 14th Sep, 19:30; and a morning 8-week beginners course, starting Friday 18th Sep, 10:00 am.
Investment for an 8-week beginners course: £120.00.

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3. Half-day Silent Meditation Retreat

The Lightness of Being is not in thinking

The Lightness of Being is not in thinking

Private Space, South Abingdon

Next date: TBC

10am – 2pm

Mostly silent get-together with one 4 half-hour sittings in a quiet space and light lunch (vegetarian stew + bread) afterwards (included).

Tea and biscuits will also be provided.

Silent breaks in between the meditation sessions.

Investment: £12.50
Booking: Via this link: Abingdon Mindfulness Meditation Meetup

Cushions are available. Just bring comfortable clothing.

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3. Self development workshops with Systemic (Family) Constellations

Move away from pain!

Uncover hidden dynamics in relationships; free yourself from emotional entanglement and the negative impact of traumatic experience.

Date: TBC
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Location: Wantage Councelling and Training Centre, Orchid House
Parking: Available
Public transport: TBC

Investment: £75
By paying in advance, you secure your place on the workshop (details see below).

Lunch break: Approximately from 13:00 pm – 13:45 pm

Bring: An open mind, comfortable clothing; your own lunch and a bottle of water. If you plan to have your own constellation, or, in other words: be an issue holder, it will be helpful but not obligatory to bring a family tree and a brief (!) time line of your family history containing only (in keywords) major heart breaks in your family history (like early deaths, secrets, illnesses, break-ups, crimes etc).

I will provide herbal teas, coffee and biscuits.

Pre-booking is required. Book here. Booking is only confirmed with your pre-payment.


Secure your place £75 via bank transfer (details given on request). If you wish, you can also send me a cheque, payable to Silvia Siret, to my address (given to you on request).

Alternatively, please go through my Meetup Page. You might be asked to sign up on Meetup.com first, which doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything.

Please, read my Terms & Conditions:

The only way to secure your place is upfront payment. Without, I will not guarantee a place on the workshop.

I will fully refund you, if you cancel 28 or more days before the event, or if I cancel the event. I will half-refund you if you cancel 14 to 27 days before the event. No refund is given if you cancel from 13 days before the event.

Participation is at your own risk. Please inform and speak to me about any medical condition(s) and medication beforehand in order to make sure you become fully aware of what the possible impairments could be.


3 thoughts on “What I offer

  1. Would have liked to have come to your Zen Meditation on 23rd February, but I am on holiday until 25th.

    Could you please let me know if you organise another one.

    I found you through Christine Price on facebook.

    Anne Kaveney


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