I was looking for either a careers advisor or a life coach and found that and so much more in Silvia. With her help, I feel that I understand my mind and feelings so much more and haven’t felt depressed in a while. It’s still early days but I feel calm, content and positive about the future. I was made to feel welcome and relaxed immediately in a lovely, calm environment.

From the first introductory session, I had a gut feeling that it was going to be beneficial. The drive home from each session was always a pleasure because I was full of calm and positivity.

Silvia has helped me look within and find answers to a lot of the nagging questions that used to keep me up at night. I now understand where these thoughts and feelings come from and how to deal with them. I understand my mind and how to look after it, this in turn has an effect on others and how you see them. As I’ve said, it is early days, but sometimes I feel that something really quite profound has happened.

I feel that future sessions would definitely be beneficial, should I feel I need help with something or even just for a ‘refresher’.

I would most definitely recommend meeting with Silvia. I wish I had, 20 years ago!” (Coaching Client, 7 sessions, Nov 2018 – January 2019)

A profound experience in reaching an understanding, insight and acceptance of the complexities and hidden truths of my family relationships. This is not therapy, but self healing, and as such , and in my opinion as a psychiatrist, more transformative than therapy. I would encourage anyone with relationship difficulties to be courageous and experience it. If you go with an open heart, the benefit will be great.
Silvia is a very open and warm heated person, who is a skilled, intuitive and empathic facilitator.”  (David Thurston, Psychiatrist & GP, retired, Workshop participant)

I was exhausted at the end of the day, but on Monday I woke up with so much energy, more than I’ve experienced for months and months. I don’t know how it works, I didn’t even have a constellation, but I felt an inner release, a lifting of a great load. I don’t know how that happened, but it did.” (Farah, workshop participant)

“Thank you Silvia for a very profound day and for your very warm welcome and holding such a wonderful space :)” (Debbie Peskett, workshop participant)

“Just wanted to say that I attended my first Systemic Constellations day run by Silvia last Saturday and have some thoughts which prospective clients might find useful-
If you are looking for an open, direct yet heart-centred coach to help you move through any stuck places in your life/your relationships, I suggest you work with Silvia. She created a safe, supported environment for the group but also ensured that we got important inner work done!” (Jenny Chambers, workshop participant)

“Silvia is an authentic, wise, and open hearted guide who has trodden the path to healing herself, and has all the skills and sensitivity needed to help others on their journey to a happier future, however difficult it may be to face the baggage carried from the past. We co-created a powerful and good energy, and Silvia held the space so well.” (Fiona, workshop participant)

Silvia brings to her family constellation work experience as a conscientious practitioner in a range of fields, and works with commitment and integrity. I can certainly recommend her.” (Richard Comley, workshop participant)

I didn’t have any hesitations in working with you, I felt drawn to working with you when I met you at the Yes Group and I was very interested and intrigued by family constellations.
I loved working with you, you have a very positive, inspiring aura and a healing and warm type of energy about you. You are very easy to open up to and I immediately felt safe and trusting in your presence.
I would definitely recommend your services to others, it’s knowing how to explain it, especially as it’s so unique and unheard of to the majority.
It was an amazing experience, thank you so much for sharing your gift.” (Lou, 1-2-1 session)

Enabling individuals to receive understanding, support and comfort from the group while facing up to possibly the most painful issues in their lives is invaluable. Your facilitation was very good. You are obviously a very intuitive, warm hearted lady who does her best to put us all at ease and ensure everyone is ok. During the day I was happy to provide support for others in a small way, and I saw the possible benefit of working through my issues in a constellation one day. I’m fascinated by the work and would like to understand  how it works, I’m guessing you may pick up on the family’s unconscious that the issue holder carries within, but I’m also wondering if spirits of lost loved ones may be involved.”  (Anne Reynolds – Counsellor)”

I liked the way you asked me questions – they were kind and enquiring and you persisted when you needed to draw out a response from me.
I have benefited in the way that I was ‘kinder’ and more tolerant to my mum when she came down to visit.
I will recommend you and your services.  I like the way you interacted with me and were respectful but firm when you needed to be.
I didn’t know what to expect and so was open to wherever the experience took me.  I was gobsmacked at my reaction to the concept of ‘belonging’.  I had presumed that the work would focus on my negative relationship with my brother, but then realised by my reaction to your question about belonging that actually it was really all about belonging and my feelings of not belonging – which was pretty shocking.
You are patient and allow people time to think through their thoughts and feelings…
I’d like to add that the effect of what we worked on has continued to influence me in my thoughts, feelings and behaviours and has encouraged me to think about my mum in a more magnanimous way – which I was reluctant to do before.  But the work we did helped me to see things from her perspective more and since then I have come to feel more open and loving towards her.
I would tell others to just enjoy being open to the unexpected.” (Kim Roberts, 1-2-1 session)

“A friend thought I could benefit from Silvia’s work with constellations, so I took a leap of faith (not even knowing what that meant!) and reached out to Silvia on the last day I was visiting the UK from the US.  I was surprised at how at ease I immediately felt when I met Silvia for the first time.  I was a little nervous and doubtful about my ability to connect with my ancestors and family history.  But, right away I found myself talking about things I never realised I knew or understood from my childhood. So many “ah-ha” moments happened!  I won’t ruin the surprise if you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Silvia, yet, but I’ve never felt as powerful or as fully loved and supported as I did in the final moment of our session.  Simply put: working with Silvia changed my life and how I viewed myself in the world.  Since our one two-hour session together, I have increased my leadership presence at work, found greater compassion within my personal relationships, and gained a greater understanding of myself and my purpose in the world.”  (KF – Client had 1-2-1 session)

Feedback from one of my workshops:

  • I was looking forward to working with Silvia because through my previous meetings with her I have found her to be very open and enthusiastic.” (Anonymous)
  • “I liked how clean the the flow of the day was. It was business like without being at all harsh and very tender without being at all sentimental. I did not present an “issue” to the group but was a “representative” in other peoples’ Constellations which was itself a challenging and rewarding process.” (Anonymous)
  • “I have come away from the day with a renewed determination to be more accepting of people in my family and in the world at large. It has also encouraged me at quite a deep level to be more open minded.” (Anonymous)
  • “I would thoroughly recommend Silvia’s work to individuals or organisations who really are seeking to clear blockages in their lives and who are open enough to have faith in a process which at first seems bizarre but which I believe is potentially very powerful.” (Ed Woodall – Actor, Teacher, Movement Teacher)
  • Thank you so much – yesterday was a very powerful, beautiful and healing day. The most overwhelming sense I have today is that the workshop has put me back in touch with that never-ending, all-powerful love-energy which flows through the generations from our ancestors – to and through ourselves – and onwards. It’s extraordinary how, in just a few hours work, major blocks in this love-energy which date back years, or even generations, can be released and healed. Your facilitation created real magic in the room, because you were so present, in your power, and full of compassion. I know it’s a bit of a cliche to say ‘everyone should do this work’, but in this case, I really feel that is true….” (Rupert Alison)

Feedback from a constellation session at Lara‘s workshop

  • Brilliant ! So calm , supportive , capable and lovely! This stuff definitely works! Xxxxx.” (Lara)
  • Since doing the workshop with Silvia I have found my troubled relations with my mother have become markedly more manageable. I now am able to empathise with her much more, and the emotional baggage I was carrying has partly lifted.” (Dot, 27/02/14)

“Silvia Siret is a skilled personal growth facilitator. She is personable, intuitive and a gentle guide on life’s journey. I found her Constellation session useful and original in approach, and it enabled me to have fresh perspectives on what felt like a ‘stuck’ and challenging situation. Thoroughly recommended.
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity”

(‘Talent Liberator’ – Rachel Brushfield * Career Coach * Talent Management * Author * NEW breakthroughs for sustainable career & business success, 1-2-1 session)

Feedback from a talk + demonstration at the Oxford Yes Group

“Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful talk and demonstration last night Silvia and opening our minds to this powerful and effective process called constellation! The other great thing is your total passion to your work just completely shone through – you were fab – the whole audience were gripped by what was happening in front of them – well done! xxx” (Becky Lee, Oxford YES Group Co-Organiser)

Feedback from a workshop:

“It was very calming.”
“Wonderful to see how others are positively affected by the process. It threw up some issue of my own when watching/participating.”
“Increased my understanding of the process and of family dymanics that go back generations, and how relevant they can be today.”
“I think it was great.”
“I have learned a lot about myself and how actions can affect people and relatives.”
“I did not have any expectations beforehand and found it very fascinating and really enjoyed the experience.”
“You were always sensitive, confident in the process and professional.”
“It was an eye opener.”
“You were good, clear, authorative and compassionate.”
“I felt you stayed present throughout and maintained clarity and focus.”
“I spontaneously felt emotional shifts + a sense of connecting with a bigger and wiser consciousness.”
“I reckognised patterns, I feel more relaxed and understanding.”
“I feel a good sense of belonging, active participation, useful, feel lots of acceptance, understanding.”
“I wish you lived in London.”

“Silvia holds a space that is warm and welcoming, and her work, about which she is clearly so passionate, digs deep into the heart of our histories, karma, and conditioning. She deals in perspectives, windows into ourselves, into our past, into the scars handed down from our forebears, windows that allow us to find clarity and experience catharsis beneath her compassionate guidance. Intuitive, gentle, and so very welcoming, I can recommend her work for anyone seeking to better understand their unconscious self, and take transformative steps towards personal freedom and empowerment. I left the session feeling lighter, a little wiser, and hugely appreciative of this lovely woman!” (Rowan, 1-2-1 session)

“Silvia works with sensitivity and intelligence to guide her clients to a better, more informed and clearer life path. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to realise their full potential. I look forward to working with Silvia again.” (Annabel James, Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional, 1-2-1 session)

“Really enjoyed Silvia Siret Coaching + Systemic Constellation Work‘s workshop today. If you are ready to make a big change in your life or don’t understand what is holding you back then you need to check out Silvia’s work. So different and so beneficial.” (Joanna Woodcock)

I Thought I would tell you that this evening my mum told me she loves me on the phone. I always tell my mum I love her first and she says it back but never initiates it.
The reason I’m telling you as you can use this as a reason why it works to participate as well as having the constellation.
I spoke to my mum this evening About her mum, my relationships and things we don’t usually discuss. we usually talk about quite superficial things the weather etc.
I realised today that I want to heal the hurt that there is between my mum and me as otherwise I won’t break the cycle and opening up to my mum and letting her in allowed her to tell her she loved me!!
” (Workshop participant, Anonymous)

“David P and me took part in a fascinating workshop with the amazing Silvia Siret, which basically involves an enactment of family roles and relationships, even back over several generations. Unfortunately, this therapy is still widely unknown here in the UK. In Germany, it is called “Familienaufstellung nach Hellinger”. It is a valuable method to work out “faults” within a family or any other groups, which ultimately can lead to emotional and even physical health issues of the person concerned.” (Monika Becker, Alternative Health Practitioner)

“Silvia is a wonderful human being who has helped me in so many ways, with my personal wellbeing, with my business and as a friend. Silvia approaches everything with a wonderful sense of calm and balance that is infectious. I always trust Silvia’s opinion because she comes from a place of great knowledge.Silvia is naturally empathic and gets to the heart of your problem quickly. I left the two sessions that I had with Silvia with a new attitude and able to move on from a difficult part of my life. I am now able to look at the world in a different way because Silvia has helped me to see things differently. I would highly recommend Silvia to anyone that has a block in their life that they are struggling to deal with.
Silvia has also spoken at one of my events about her family constellation work and meditation. She was an excellent public speaker and made a room full of women feel calm, relaxed and able to find a place of balance. I would also recommend Silvia to anyone looking for an inspirational speaker for an event.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
” (Joanna Woodcock)

“Silvia’s workshop was my first experience of family constellation work. I was not sure what to expect and I needed to be convinced of its effectiveness. However, over the course of the day, and through several constellations, the power of the process became clear. Silvia holds the space safely and skillfully. She has great insight in facilitating the interactions between the different elements of the developing constellation. This results in a dialogue with participants that brings new understanding of the emotions and traumas that have been recorded in each of us. As we understand them more fully, Silvia was able to support us in moving on from them. The whole experience is rich and rewarding.” (Martin Honeywell, Business Coach and Consultant)

“I have recently attended one of Silvia’s constellation workshops. I found the entire experience to be powerfully emotional, insightful and rewarding. It enabled me to throw off some of my emotional baggage. During the constellation work I was able to see my family dynamics from a different perspective, which has helped me to have more understanding and empathy towards some family members. This has enabled me to view my own past experiences and consequently my present views and thoughts in a different and more positive way. Silvia has a strong and vibrant proffessional presence and a warm, nurturing and emphatic personality. She is very much on the ball and ran the workshop fluidly.” (Linda G., Oxford)

“Working with Silvia as part of a group of others was an extraordinary experience that has changed my life in very subtle ways but powerful ways. It is hard to put into words the process, except to say that it rested on a profound sense of trust in each other and in the healing power of feeling part of a larger life story that stretches beyond the here and now. Although some parts of of each of our stories were painful to encounter, in meeting them and understanding them, they transformed into a feeling of love that is now gently coursing through my days.” (female Participant, Oxford)

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