Oxfordshire Initiative For Systems Constellations


Family Constellations & Self Development

Building resilience and peace through deeper awareness and understanding

OxISC was founded by me, Silvia Siret, Systemic Change Consultant, in co-operation and with the support of Richard Pantlin, Business Coach, in 2017, in order to bring systemic excellence to Oxfordshire, and to bring systemically working and IOPT* practitioners together to form a local community.

OxISC did not grow the way it was envisioned by us founders; therefore I decided to let OxISC go and trade as “Silvia Siret – Systemic Change Consultant” (since February 2022). Richard Pantlin is trading as “CareStellations – Constellations with an African Twist“.

We are in the process of untangling our co-facilitation work, simply because I have chosen to be a solo facilitator, as I know my work flows better in that way. Richard remains a good friend and supporter, and he is also stepping into his power by being a solo constellator.

*IOPT = Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, developed by Prof Franz Ruppert

Silvia Siret & Richard Pantlin

Backed by over 20 years of experience, I offer therapy, group workshops and self-development within the world of Family and Wider Systems Constellations and an Embodied Therapy Approach for anyone wanting support with personal, family, health or work issues.

I am also still holding a space for peers in the Family and Systems Constellations world to meet, learn from one another, to share information and wisdom, to give and receive feedback and grow together as a community.

Upcoming workshop with Family Systems Constellations in Oxford:

A safe space to explore your shadows.

Sarada (Therapist / Chef)

A powerful way of understanding family dynamics. It’s fascinating to see and experience other people’s lives and family issues, too.

Richard Thompson

Do it! You will not regret taking part in Silvia’s workshop.