Thanks for visiting. I’m here to help you

  • find solutions with re-occurring issues
    (behavioural/relational patterns, health problems, life challenges)
    • untangle knotted strings between you and family members
      (understand how to free yourself and connect in more healthy ways)
      • create peace with the past
        (sad or traumatic events that you experienced or which occurred in your family and ancestry)
        • transform
          (love yourself more, become more empowered and resilient; more yourself)

Upcoming in-person one-day workshops:

  • Family Constellations – A co-facilitated day with Richard Pantlin, during which we explore into at least 3 issues. Oxford, UK, 10 July 2021, 10 am – 3 pm, private space in Headington, Oxford, UK
  • “Find Love Within” – Re-connect with your heart and find ways to feel closer to others.
    11 September 2021, 10 am – 5 pm, Soul Shine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon, UK

More info and booking links: Click here

Would you like to feel more

  • empowered
    • content
      • joyful
        • peaceful
          • lovable
            • confident
          • embodied
        • connected
      • resilient
    • relaxed
  • initiative?

I am confident that you will be in capable and safe hands with me.

I trained in life coaching, counselling, embodied psychotherapy, trauma work, as well as group- and one-to-one facilitation of Family Systems Constellations; and I constantly engage in further education in all those fields.

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What I offer:

  • One-off 60-minute sessions, any time you need some support, clarity, access to your own wisdom; online or at Soul Shine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon-on-Thames.
  • Embodied long-term Therapy, weekly or fortnightly, online or at Soul Shine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon-on-Thames.
  • 1:1 Systems Constellations (Family Constellations), online or at Soul Shine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon-on-Thames.
  • Systems Constellations Workshops, online, in the country side, or at a beautiful space in either Oxford, Headington, or Abingdon-on-Thames.
  • Women’s Circles (Red Tents), a monthly meeting and safe space for healing, support and community (more info below).

See my price list.

Contact me if you’d like to book a free 20-minute non-committal chat with me.

“Silvia is an absolutely fantastic coach. She has got not only the passion for her work but also very deep understanding of human soul and mind as well as dependence between these two. Her work combines all that is needed for personal growth, healing process and solving issues. She uses her wide psychological knowledge, different therapeutic techniques, always correctly chosen, with deep understanding of nature of your problem and desired goal of where you want to be, who you want to be and what relationship you want to have with other people. Simple saying : balance and harmony are brought through her work.
If you are looking for somebody who will understand, listen and help you to solve problems, dilemmas, issues – you are definitely in good hands. I have been working with Silvia for over two years. Participated in her workshops, private sessions, family constellations and I am recommending Silvia’s work and services with full confidence.” (Aleksandra, client)

Many perspectives and new angles and new knowledge. Thank you to Silvia and all participants. Silvia is an awesome facilitator, she held, I think a sacred space, a time zone that was timeless. The participants were so nourished with safety and security and presence that we could manifest what was needed for all of us as a collective group. I am overwhelmed with new wisdom to help myself and my own family now journey on. With gratitude to Silvia and all wonderful participants who were so beautifully authentic. I feel blessed and would like to do more work with Silvia.” (Ann-Marie, Client)

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Are you a woman seeking friendship, support, a place to just be you, air your troubles, share your gifts?

I host Women’s meetings around the New or Full Moon in the evening at Soulshine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon or online via Zoom.

In essence, women’s meetings (Red Tents) are a global movement of women coming together in circles and finding time to just be where they are, meet other women in their community and enjoy the opportunity for women to share in a deeper way than they might usually do. They are about creating some room in our lives and in our time together, to see what transpires instead of planning every detail with a goal or outcome in mind.

These meetings are also about building community, finding how easy it can be to be in the company of others and nourishing from the time together to recharge for the month ahead. Often women’s meetings provide an opportunity to explore the stages and transitions within women’s lives through inter-generational support and the shared experience of being a woman that goes beyond any cultural, economic or societal differences that can divide us in our everyday.

Women’s meetings are growing in number all over the world. They are a place where sisters, mothers, menstruating girls, menopausal women, young mums, grandmothers and friends attend a monthly gathering and are welcomed as they are and as all of who they are.

More info about the global women’s movement ‘Red Tent’: http://redtentdirectory.com

Sign up as a member of ‘Red Tent South Oxfordshire’ by contacting me, quoting ‘Red Tent’ in the subject line.

“Red Tent is a gorgeous opportunity for me to drop all responsibility for others and take the time to be fully present to myself within a circle of open-hearted women.” – Becca

“A space for women to come together, to love, to laugh and to cry, without shame, without judgement or fear. An invaluable and enriching circle, which I feel blessed to be a part of.” – Lucy