3 hour Systemic Constellations Session

  • Going through a difficult time?Lotus flower
  • Grieving / feeling unable to accept a loss?
  • Needing closure?
  • Feeling held back?
  • Repeating the same patterns?
  • Parenting issue(s)?
  • Mental/Physical Health issues?
  • Difficulties in a relationship with someone?
  • Trouble finding the right partner?
  • Unfulfilled child wish?
  • Confused mind?
  • Strange physical symptoms, and medicine hasn’t helped?

If you feel stuck with an issue and prefer one-to-one work or don’t want to wait until the next group workshop, you can book an (up to) 3-hour systemic therapy session with me, which will take place at my private practice in Abingdon-on-Thames. I will listen and use varied coaching tools and systemic work to help you getting clarity, peace of mind and/or see the path ahead much more clearly. These sessions are intense and go deep into the unconscious and will therefore be very helpful and healing. Some clients had only one session and found it initiated profound change. Others might want to work on several issues and might want 2 or 3 sessions, and the gap between those are generally several weeks or months.

Investment: £240 (on the boat) / £255 (in hired premises in Abingdon or Oxford)

“Silvia Siret is a skilled personal growth facilitator. She is personable, intuitive and a gentle guide on life’s journey. I found her Session useful and original in approach, and it enabled me to have fresh perspectives on what felt like a ‘stuck’ and challenging situation. Thoroughly recommended.” (Rachel Brushfield, Talent Liberator)

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