Systemic Life Coaching

Sometimes it is just that outside view we need in order to see more clearly. A coach listens, asks questions and feeds back what they hear, see and observe; and they offer guidance. Coaching helps to find a way out of the fog. clarity 06

If you find yourself stuck or would like to see what’s holding you back, you will find a skilled, kind, experienced and non-judgemental listener and guide in me. I will lead you to more clarity; I will help and motivate you to become who you want to be.

I offer life coaching in English and German at my private practice on my boat in Shillingford (near Wallingford), UK; and internationally via Skype/Zoom/Facetime. I also hire rooms in Oxford (Temple Cowley, at OTS Oxford Therapy Centre) and Abingdon (Soulshine Wellbeing Space), if that’s more convenient. If I hire a room, I’m adding £15 to my fee.

“Silvia, is a gifted and excellent mindful therapist, and I recommend that you give it a go, she makes it so easy.” (Kit Reaney)

“Silvia was incredible. Beautifully explained, and even though I had no clue about what would happen or how, I felt safe and secure under her guidance.” (Kerry Thornhill)

Investment: £60 per hour on the boat / £75 per hour at OTS Oxford Therapy Centre, Temple Cowley; or at Soulshine Wellbeing Space, Abingdon.

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