Training & Education, 6th Jan

When I read interesting and successful people’s CVs on or, it makes me feel very small and unimportant. They have all done so much more and met and trained with all the right influencial people worldwide – I just can’t compete with that. When I look at the prices of further training or interesting workshops/seminars, I can only swallow and think: “One day, …. maybe” 😦

But when I work with a client and see their releaved and grateful face after a session, I know I can do it. I can really make a difference. I received fantastic training from – what I think – very good people in their profession. They have all helped me in their different ways to get in touch with my real potential, my wisdom and to become confident in what I do. No, I can’t compete with all these high-profile people out there, who earn three times or more than I do. But should I? I guess there is no need. They don’t ask me to compete with them, do they. It’s me idealising the more successful, the higher qualified, and I know this pattern in me so well. Maybe it’s time to let go of all the competing and just do my thing – which I know I do really well and with the right spirit of mind.

There might come a day when my name is mentioned in context with Family Constellation Work. And anyway – it is fun to invent it all again – I’ll just do it my way.

Love to the Universe and everybody in it!

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