About me

When I (born in 1966 in Germany) was a young person, I lacked emotional guidance, closeness and acceptance. I created a lot of chaos, and as a result lost custody for and contact with my first-born child, which was by far the worst nightmare of my life. Through self-development I created positive change and started taking responsibility for my thinking and my actions. My attitude changed, I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim anymore. Eventually I created great relationships with my family, friends, children, partners and today I stand in my power and create the life I deserve. I keep finding my growth edges and step into the unknown in order to become even more the person I am meant to be. Mindfulness, Movement practices, Awareness Practice, Family Constellations and Creative Body Work have been the most powerful tools for my own change. These are the tools I am using in my facilitation.

Silvia Siret, Family Systems Constellations, Systemic Constellations, Family constellations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Healing, Growth, Coaching

I love Jack, my sweet companion

Working with me

My professional experience includes Coaching, Counselling, Systemic Therapy, Mindfulness and the facilitation of  Family Constellations. I did most of my training with Klaus Frey from Neue Wege Seminare in Germany between 1995 and 2004. I’ve been offering my work since 2005. My focus is on creating positive relationships with family, life partners, friends, colleagues and superiors, and I also specialise in parenting and health issues.

“My passion is seeing the light in people’s eyes, witnessing their uniqueness and their courage. Creating an atmosphere of heart connection and possibilities. Bringing in my creative mind, loving heart, authenticity and willingness to learn and understand.” Silvia Siret

I’m an active member of OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre; and of ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association); and I keep training with teachers like Michael Soth & Justin Smith (embodied, relational, 2-person psychotherapy); Robert Downes; Stephan Hausner (Systemic work on Illness & Health), Cecilio Fernandez Regojo (Organisational Constellations), Anngwyn St. Just (Systemic expertise in Trauma), Marianne Franke-Gricksch (Systemic Expert in Education & Families), to name just a few. I participate in peers’ workshops and invite other facilitators to mine.

My approach is solution-focused, embodied, mindful, respectful, non-judgemental. Creating a safe space for my clients to grow is of utmost importance to me.

You will feel listened to and receive constructive feedback as well as helpful questions and tools to enable you to take the right decisions for your life. I will support you in addressing and letting go of past trauma, gaining self-confidence, becoming happier and creating the relationships you’re longing for.


“Silvia is an authentic, wise, and open hearted guide who has trodden the path to healing herself, and has all the skills and sensitivity needed to help others on their journey to a happier future, however difficult it may be to face the baggage carried from the past. We co-created a powerful and good energy, and Silvia held the space so well.” (Fiona – Workshop Participant)

“Silvia is great at fostering an inviting and open environment, where you not only feel at home but you feel supported, understood and respected by all group members. She offers really varied useful activities, which offer good balance and scope and is flexible each week to change from plan if she feels something else would be more helpful. Her place is the perfect retreat. Thank you Silvia, love the sessions :-)” (Sarah Maynard – Participant)

Happy Women after group session

Happy outcomes


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