3 hour Systemic Therapy Session

  • Going through a difficult time?Silvia Siret, OxISC, Constellations, Systemic Constellations, Family constellations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Healing, Growth, Coaching
  • Grieving / feeling unable to accept a loss?
  • Needing closure?
  • Feeling held back?
  • Repeating the same patterns?
  • Parenting issue(s)?
  • Mental/Physical Health issues?
  • Difficulties in a relationship with someone?
  • Trouble finding the right partner?
  • Unfulfilled child wish?
  • Confused mind?
  • Strange physical symptoms, and medicine hasn’t helped?

If you feel stuck with an issue and prefer one-to-one work or don’t want to wait until the next group workshop, you can book an (up to) 3-hour systemic therapy session with me, which will take place at Soulshine Wellbeing Space Abingdon, 101a Radley Road, Abingdon-on-Thames. I will listen and use varied coaching tools and systemic work to help you getting clarity, peace of mind and/or see the path ahead much more clearly. These sessions are intense and go deep into the unconscious and will therefore be very helpful and healing.

Investment: £195

“Silvia Siret is a skilled personal growth facilitator. She is personable, intuitive and a gentle guide on life’s journey. I found her Session useful and original in approach, and it enabled me to have fresh perspectives on what felt like a ‘stuck’ and challenging situation. Thoroughly recommended.” (Rachel Brushfield, Talent Liberator)

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