Self Healing Workshops

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I offer self-healing workshops, during which participants can work through mental/spiritual/physical issues at their own pace. Participants benefit by getting deep insight into life and its forces; how the flow of clarity and love gets blocked and how it can be freed. One of the tools is called “Family- or Systems Constellations” (nothing to do with Astrology). It offers an embodied, phenomenological experience, which is facilitated intuitively by the facilitator.

“A profound experience in reaching an understanding, insight and acceptance of the complexities and hidden truths of my family relationships. This is not therapy, but self healing, and as such , and in my opinion as a psychiatrist, more transformative than therapy. I would encourage anyone with relationship difficulties to be courageous and experience it. If you go with an open heart, the benefit will be great.  Silvia is a very open and warm hearted person, who is a skilled, intuitive and emphatic facilitator.” (David – retired Psychiatrist and GP)

For workshops, please go to “The Oxfordshire Initiative for Systems Constellations”, in short OxISC, which was founded in order to offer constellations to the public; and bring local and international Systems Constellators together for facilitation, learning and peer groups.

“Silvia is a very sensitive life coach with practical experience and this makes her excellent in encouraging her clients throughout the sessions to explore and confront their issues in depth. Silvia can make people comfortable and guide them through a process that might seem abstract at first in a methodical and practical way. Working with Silvia has been a life-changing experience for the better and if it wasn’t for her work I wouldn’t be able to find peace and recovery from losses we suffered in our family for two consecutive years. (Zuzana Miyahara Kratka)

I would thoroughly recommend Silvia’s work to individuals or organisations who really are seeking to clear blockages in their lives and who are open enough to have faith in a process which at first seems bizarre but which I believe is potentially very powerful.” (Ed Woodall – Actor, Teacher, Movement Teacher)

“Silvia was incredible. Beautifully explained, and even though I had no clue about what would happen or how, I felt safe and secure under her guidance.” (Kerry Thornhill)