The TRANSFORM Process™

One-to-one weekly sessions with Silvia Siret for at least one year, during which you can self-develop in a safe space with her, online or in person. Family Constellations, Coaching, Counselling, theTRANSFORMprocess, ancestralhealing, addressing trauma.

1:1 weekly sessions

One-to-one online or in-person weekly (or fortnightly) sessions, during which you can work on your self-development on a long-term basis (minimum one year) in a safe, confidential space.
Get in touch via my contact page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able to (please allow up to 5 working days).

A 3-hour session with Silvia Siret, during which you can explore into an issue in a safe space with her, online or in person. Family Constellations, Coaching, Counselling, theTRANSFORMprocess, ancestralhealing, addressing trauma.

1:1 three-hour session

If you feel stuck and you would like to have a very deep look into your unconscious mind, find solutions, get deeper understanding, a wider perspective, healing, and a way forward, then this intensive, explorative session is for you.
Online or in-person.
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Group Workshops

I offer 1-day or 2-day workshops in Oxford regularly, and in other places on demand.
You will experience Family Constellations and more with the benefit of others in a safe space to explore into relational or health issues in a co-creational setting.
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Let me introduce you to my ‘Baby’. I created this process over 17 years, and now it is here. To help you understand what it is about, I have put some words to the first letters:

T – Trigger, trauma, tragedy, tired, trapped, transgenerational …

R – Root cause, reflecting, remembering, relating …

A – Acknowledging, awakening, accepting …

N – Navigating, naming it, nurturing, nature …

S – Story, shadows, safe, systems, soul searching, sharing …

F – Feeling, freedom, faith, family systems …

O – Owning, opening, observing …

R – Releasing, reconnecting, returning, recreating …

M – Metamorphosis, maintaining, meaning, magic …

We are all going through stages in life. In the first seven years, we are being constructed by the world we are born into. We are at the mercy of those around us. Our parents or carers and the society we were born into had many hopes and expectations of and for us, and they did their best to shape us in the way they needed us to be. That, of course, continued until we decided to decide for ourselves what we wanted and what not.

By age seven our blueprint of how we looked out into the world was set. We stepped out of our magical world of play and entered the wider world, and we started making sense of everything more and more cognitively. As an adolescent we transitioned into adulthood, which meant we naturally questioned everything and started shaping ourselves more actively. At the same time, we still found ourselves mostly at the mercy of those we depended on to support us.

The next stage was creating some sort of independency and vocational training or academic learning. This was the first time we met adults as adults.

During all those years, we will not only have dealt with our own emotions, but also with those of our close ones. How we were able to respond to life’s challenges depended very much on their emotional availability and maturity.

We know now that trauma travels through several generations; but there may also have been events in our parents’ and our own lives which caused a trauma response (fight, flight, freeze, disassociation). So, how we experience our world depends very much on the emotional availability of those who helped us grow up and be educated.

At first we saw the world through the lens of our parents/carers, and later our own experiences will have had a further impact on our responses. As long as we are unconscious of why we (re)act in the ways we do, we are still very much at the mercy of those around us.

Transformation happens naturally, all the time. Life makes us – we simply can’t get away with not growing. Yet, we may not even be aware that we are. Usually, when we feel so overwhelmed and stuck that we can’t take it anymore, we start looking a little deeper. There is a way to consciously change, and that is where The TRANSFORM Process™ comes in. I work with people who are at that stage in life: They want change.

Looking into our ancestry, the way we were raised, our encounters, the kind of community that surrounded us, the society we were part of, the morals, religious views and the country’s values, have shaped us; and we think we know who we are. But we are not a name, we are not our body, we are not what we do professionally, and we are not what we have faced. We are consciousness experiencing a physical body within a physical world.

Here is the good news: Our brains are plastic, which means the neurological pathways and thought patterns were created through our experiences; but it also means that we can form new thought trails and recreate ourselves.

We can actively transform ourselves and become who we choose to be. I always feel a sense of awe and humbleness when I witness clients’ faces after they’ve gone through The TRANSFORM Process™ with me. I am grateful to be able to offer this – my gift – to the world.

Working with Silvia has given me so much more insight and understanding. I now get on better with my family; I choose my friends more wisely; I am better resourced; and I have found a wonderful partner. I am so grateful.

Sally Novicec