Should I feel a failure because my workshop didn’t happen for the lack of participants?

No worries! I’m not asking for pity.

I refuse to feel a failure – some entity inside tells me I can do it but it wasn’t the right time. The feeling of being a loser does still come up when I find myself unsuccessful of achieving what I aimed for; also, I feel a little sad and impatient. But something else happens very quickly afterwards these days: I know that I can not see the bigger picture, especially not when I feel down and unworthy. I remember that difficult times have always made me stronger and led to something bigger, better. I simply accept that it is not the time to experience this kind of success. And: Most importantly, I have a fantastic social network which makes sure I don’t get lost in self pity.

So, my workshop didn’t take place. But: I am blessed having had it booked with somebody who wouldn’t charge me for the room. It was a beautiful, sunny day; I had my two daughters with me (doesn’t happen very often) and my husband. And my wonderful, supportive and devoted friend – who had booked a place on my workshop – came anyway to spend the day with us. We went for a pub lunch in Oxford at The Jolly Farmers and laughed a lot and ate a wonderful meal.

I fail. But that doesn’t make me a loser or a failure.

I am successful. Whenever I get the opportunity to work with a person, I feel successful.

Life is beautiful.

Thought, I also start sharing my photos with you. So here is one:

You never know what’s round the corner. In the meantime, see the beauty that shows itself to you.

Bless u all!

5 thoughts on “Failure

  1. I am on the verge of having to cancel a workshop next month unless I get some more participants. But I have now come to the realisation that if I have to cancel it’s because it’s the wrong time but I will try again at some point in the future.

    You’re right Silvia, we are not failures – we just got out timing a little out!


  2. When I booked a room a year ago for my workshops, no visible souls arrived and I lost some money on it. However, several times I sensed invisible souls who wanted my assistance and I did constellations for them and they were happy, and so was I.

    I didn’t give up, even though I suspended offering my work on the market for a few months. Then something happened, people started asking for my assistance. This Sunday I’m having 5 persons already booked for my workshop, and how many will actually come, I don’t know. I’ve been learning to trust the movements of the spirit-mind and I continue to do so.

    Your failure can be either an end or a lesson. I’ve tried to turn my failures into lessons with help of other people, like in your case – family and friends. Please continue your service.


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