Mood swings

I know I shouldn’t be moody. I have healthy children, a happy marriage, a house with garden, a lovely job, potential to grow, a future (at least I think so), my parents are still alive (and together), I’m fairly healthy, my credit hasn’t run out and I have wonderful friends. What more can I wish for??!!

Still – I was moody during the last three days, starting on a sunny Sunday midday. God knows why. I don’t. I became a nagging, unsatisfied, grumbling monster, and I have no bloomin’ clue why.

Yes, there are a few things, when I think about it:

  • I still don’t earn enough money in my new career
  • I don’t see enough increase of money on my account, although I just recently worked on the issue of wealth and money (why do I not win the flippin’ lottery??)
  • My 18 year-old is becoming headstrong and I’m running out of threads
  • I know I have a house and I’m grateful, but I don’t like it and want to move into a new one, but my partner doesn’t feel the same
  • My negative thinking is in the way all the time
  • My thinking anyway just never stops
  • I’ve run out of space on my computer
  • I’m sick of having a non-family person in our house that wears my shoes and talks back to me willfully when I want something to be done in the house
  • I better stop here, I’m feeling sick from all this negativity

Okay – Let me turn this around:

  • I always have enough money on my account and my new career is taking off. I will clearly see that when I look back in two years
  • There is the right time for wealth in my life, and I trust it is being worked at right now
  • My daughter is healthy, strong and self confident. I accept that living together is sometimes challenging and stay calm at any time
  • Our new house is waiting to be found by us, and it is the perfect home for both of us. My husband wants me to be happy, therefore he is taking this challenging step with me
  • I am such a positive person, I spread it like a shower of light all the time
  • I meditate regularly and my mind clears and calms
  • My computer serves me well, and freeing up space is easy
  • It is a blessing to have the non-family person in our house. I can learn so much from having them, and they are my mirror
  • I feel so much better already

๐Ÿ™‚ A huge smile to all of my followers ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and ….

… thanks, Universe, that I can always turn around my bad moods ๐Ÿ˜‰


There is so much advice on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, too much to digest it all. But now and then there are posts that really touch me. It’s usually the real life stories that move me, but I don’t find the time to read all those. It’s good to know, though, that other people seem to have similar troubles, and that I am not on my own. It also helps me to read stories about people turning around their lives – very inspiring.

Sometimes, though, it is just that little sentence or statement that turns out to be of great help to me.

Just recently, I found myself thinking those well known negative thoughts again, and I felt I was going in circles instead of moving forward. In my negative state I couldn’t imagine that breaking this pattern was ever possible – I was certainly going down the hill. Then I saw this very simple statement from Louise L Hay on Facebook, which read:

“It is easy to change a thought or a pattern.”

I read it with disbelief and a pinch of disgust, as it felt so untrue. But I know Louise L Hay from troubled days, and I remembered this was just one of her millions of positive affirmations.

This little statement turned it around for me. I decided to write it onto a piece of paper and hang it in my office onto the wall facing me. Now I see it every workday morning and it reminds me that it is my mindset that creates my reality, and that my reality is created in every moment.

Thank you Louise L Hay, for helping me and millions others to keep our minds focussed on positive thinking. I’m glad I ‘liked’ your facebook page, because I enjoy reading your affirmations every day. It might have been you (your books), which helped me turn around my chaotic life, nearly twenty years ago. I am now harvesting so many wonderful fruits like a happy marriage and being a steady, reliable partner and mum.

Life is good!

Bless you all!