An Interview With Albrecht Mahr, International Family Constellations Teacher

Rubin Alaie posted this video on his Facebook Timeline (when you click the link below, the video starts playing):

The original was posted here:

Albrecht Mahr explains this approach, his experience with Family Constellations, the history and the development. He is one of the leading teachers in the Constellations World. It’s just over half an hour long and very interesting.



Mindfulness & Eating Disorder

Having an Eating Disorder is a lot of work. Outsiders might see it as there being a lack of feeding or an obsession with your body. There is actually a lot of feeding: feeding of negative emotions and toxic thought patterns that lead to self-harm with no vacation from this way of life. There is […]

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The Health Podcast

The Health Podcast was launched for one reason, and one reason only: To help people achieve optimum wellbeing! The episodes cover the 4 vital ingredients for complete health: nutrition, exercise, m…

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